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Giotto Real Estate


Since the first Giotto real estate agency was founded in Ventimiglia in 1968 by surveyor GIOTTO Guglielmi, its professionalism and reliability have enabled it to cover the entire Italian Riviera.

For more than 30 years, this brand has also been present on the French Riviera, in the town of Menton. The person in charge is his son Alberto GUGLIELMI, who, with the opening of the real estate agency in Menton, offers the same professionalism on the French side.

The Franco-Italian staff is available to help you buy or rent property in Menton and the surrounding area, with two addresses:
- In the heart of the Menton Garavan district 
- In the centre, near the Jardins Biovés.

The agency's agents deal with many international clients and can easily switch from French to Italian or English to respond to requests from the four corners of Europe.

Since 2009, the Menton Garavan agency has been offering sailboat hire from the port opposite.

Giotto Real Estate

Our agents

Sebnem Tan

Property finder

+33492100550 +33680154028

Alberto Guglielmi



Patrick Demadrille

Holiday-rental property manager

+33492417708 +33680152345

Alberto Barla

Property finder

+33492417700 +33685948695

Nathalie Mazzola

Property finder

+33492100550 +33624651901

Marzia Gasparetto

Long-term rental property manager

+33492417705 +33684464273

Stefano Ballestra

On stage

+33744092544 +393319172646

Christophe Equi

On stage